Why Masterpoints Deserve Care

Principles of Masterpoint Administration

Teams Versus Pairs
Changing the massive discrepancy between team and pair events

Building a Better Formula
Criteria for a good formula, problems with the current formulas, and a better formula.

What You Can Do (you are here)

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We hope and expect the Board of Directors to do the right thing -- the thing that is best for the ACBL, its members, and bridge -- whether it is popular or not. But the fact is, it is a lot easier for the Board of Directors to do the right thing when they are supported by the members. In other words, we need members of the ACBL who understand masterpoints and how they should be responsibly managed, and who can explain that to members who do not understand.

For example, suppose the ACBL equates pair and team events in a noninflationary way, by reducing the awards for team events and increasing the awards for pairs events. Now consider an ACBL member who plays only in team games. This member will probably be unhappy, because this member is not receiving as many masterpoints. This happiness is unavoidable. The problem is that if the member all things that the ACBL has taken something this member deserves.

This is not a mature, sophisticated, or knowledgeable reaction. But to be mature and sophisticated, someone needs to fill in the big picture. That someone is you. You need to explain that the system wasn't fair, and that too many points were being given for team events. That the best way of making things fair was to reduce awards for teams and raise awards for pairs.

Even if this player doesn't get all of the details, this player will get the subcontext -- the ACBL is trying to be fair and trying to do things right, and do what is best for its members overall.