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Changing the massive discrepancy between team and pair events

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In a 16 month period (I eventually stopped recording these), there were 9 letters to the editor published in the ACBL on the disparity between team and pair events. Click here to read them all. Key quotes:

"I again observed a classic example of how knockouts have completely skewed the masterpoints system..... tournaments will attract people only to KOs.... something should be done to level the award differential between KOs and other events."

"I am now a Life Master, but the gold has lost its luster.... I've lost a lot of my incentive to attend regional and national tournaments.... Pairs games will be moribund.... The Life Master designation will have been cheapened to the point that it fails to attract. We won't realize it is happening until the thrill is gone -- and the members are gone, too."

"In the last five years we have noticed that the pair games at the regionals we usually attend have dwindled to about 50 pairs, sometimes fewer. Playing in such a small regional event is not nearly as exciting....My wife and I have certainly lost interest in attending regionals"

"There is dissolution of the pairs game in ACBL....Life Master status seems to be a function of how many KO events a player can enter."

"I agree with the depressing conclusions in Carl Spencer's letter regarding the cheapening of the thrill of attaining Life Master status."

"The popularity of KOs is the result of the discrepancy in the awards scales."

"It is sad to see a regional completely taken over by the KOs as the pairs events become a poor relation."

"It is discouraging to note that losing teams in the seminfinals of knocokout teams, even low brackets, receive more masterpoints than I have for doing well in pairs....When I mention this inequity to tournament directors they unanimously agree."