Why Masterpoints Deserve Care

Principles of Masterpoint Administration

Teams Versus Pairs
Changing the massive discrepancy between team and pair events

Building a Better Formula
Criteria for a good formula, problems with the current formulas, and a better formula.

What You Can Do (you are here)

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What You Can Do

To the Representatives on the ACBL Board of Directors:

My basic request is that you try to understand the principles of masterpoints. I know you have too much to do already. But (1) masterpoints are important, and (2) you are mismanaging them because you do not understand them.

Then I ask you to do the right thing. You deserve member support for doing the right thing.

There is a policy of appointing a committee to fine-tune the masterpoint system every five years. But the needed changes are more than a tune-up.

ACBL Members

The ACBL Board of Directors is more likely to act if there is member support for changes. That's fair. They are charged with doing a good job. Part of doing a good job is doing what the members want. If there was widespread support for masterpoint reform, the Board of Directors would be happy to oblige.

So you can tell the Board of Directors what you want. You can email your representative with your views. Click on your district on this map and you can probably find the email address for your district's representative.

The Enemy

The representatives on the ACBL Board of Directors are not the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy. The representatives on the Board of Directors are well-meaning people who are doing their best on a difficult job. No one is opposed to having a good system of awarding masterpoints.

So we are trying to spread information and awareness. If the Board eventually does the right thing, they need your support. (example).

Express Yourself

You can also talk to other ACBL members. If members share your view, you will get what you want; if members understand masterpoints, we will get what is good and right. Feel free to tell other players about this website and the need for masterpoint reform.